Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Article Mention: "DBA Call to Action: Get up and GO"

This was an interesting article by James Koopmann, on 10th September, 2004, about career pitfalls he experienced in the past year (relative to the article, published in 2004).

He starts with "If you aren't moving you will never go anywhere. It is time to dust off your DBA shoes, and start thinking about your future." He goes on to say: "This article does not attempt to give you a laundry list of what to do but merely introduce you to some of the pitfalls I have encountered over the last year and possible ways to avoid them for yourself."

His article goes on to these areas:

- My last year in a nutshell
- Lessons Learned:
1. Be happy
2. Diversify your skills
3. Contracts are meant to be broken
4. Get it in writing
5. Friends can be hard to come by
6. Do Something

Its full of good wisdom!

I love the concluding sentence: "Also, remember my personal golden rule, if you are not going somewhere, you will end up nowhere."

Painfully true.


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