Saturday, January 14, 2006

FreePDF has a new version: 3.05

When I generate a PDF file from an application (like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer), I use a 'print' out capability offered by FreePDF: in English or German.

I know there are others that are similar, but this one has these benefits, in order of importance to me: Free and Flexible. Flexible in the sense that you can make different PDF output configurations. In particular, I use it for assembling multiple images into one single document, where most significantly, I can control the resolution/image detail of all the images going in. This allows me to make a small PDF document of multiple images. Good for if you want to convert many pages into one document file. in conjunction with IrfanView (the thumbnail utility), it works brillantly with a scanner, particularly with ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). (In fact the author of that recommended this PDF Generating application.)

The latest version can be directly downloaded from this page. Don't forget to FIRST download and install one of the recommended Ghostscript utilities recommend on that page.


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